Pets are said by some to be a man’s best friend, even after his wife! Man, that’s pretty close a pet can get to his owner, huh? Well you can’t blame the owner. With a pet in the house everything becomes calmer & at the same time noisier (depends on what pet you’re keeping) in the house. But some may wonder, what is the most popular animal that pet owners would most likely own in their houses. According to a survey done on America pet owners, it reveals that a dog is TRULY a man’s best friend!

Dogs – an oh-so wonderful pet that is so gull able, cute, and listens to his master’s commands when trained in a proper manner. We do so many things to our dogs for them to be able to be loved, trained and make them feel like they are a part of the family. But little do we realize that while we’re doing all of those things to make them feel at home, we sometimes suffocate them with our doings. Below are some examples which you can read & learn how you are making your dog feel uncomfortable with your behavior.

First of all, you need to register that your dog is an animal, not a human being. These two species are totally different. By differentiating these differences, only then we will know how to notice what you are doing wrong & fix it.

We always hear people telling us how they love having pets especially when they live alone because they know there’s always ‘someone’ to talk to when they go home after some long days of work. Let us stop you right there. Talk? Animals don’t understand talk! They understand body language. In fact, a dog will know your feelings better than your own sometimes. That is why they know even before you reaching your doorstep, if you are feeling frustrated or sad. You don’t have to talk to them, because they don’t understand & get frustrated. Just like us as human beings, when we don’t understand what another person is saying, we get irritated. Same theory – different species. You will realize as time goes by, your dog will understand you more when you use your gestures or body language to communicate with them.

Dogs also dislike going on walks with tight leashes tugged to their necks. It gives them the feeling that there is tension with us, their owners. As we mentioned above, we’re sure that you can gather that dogs can sense your feelings, even when you haven’t realized it yourself. Again, imaging yourself on the leash. If your owner creates tense around your neck even when nothing around you seems interesting or looks dangerous, you too, will feel tensed, for nothing. Same feeling with your dog. Keep the leash loose, and let your dog feel that everything is okay. This leads to calmer walks and also sends a positive vibe & energy to other surrounding dogs or animals.

Roughing up your dog is also a big no in the dog’s world. This includes teasing, poking, pretending to throw something like a ball but you don’t. All of these mistakes turn the dog into a frustrated one and might lead him turning into a less behaved dog. These common actions are often mistaken by pet owners as a way of playing with their dogs or teaching them how to have a ‘fun’ time. Wrong. Remember, differentiate. We humans might like those kinds of things, but not our pets. And this includes singing as well! So as a side note, this is a great post to read to train up your voice so your pets don’t have to suffer.

Now while some of us humans may love to laze at home like every day’s a lazy Sunday, dogs do not. This will only make the dog become more frustrated and restless. When this happens, they tend to take out their ‘boredom’ and restlessness on the things around them. If they are placed inside the house, you can say sayonara to that fluffy pillow or designer couch or your lacey curtains among others because the dog is going to rip those things apart and away from its original place. If the dog is placed outside, they you can say your goodbyes to your beautiful plants & your green lawn. Advice to avoiding these things happening? Take you dog out for a walk, like he deserves!

A happy dog makes a happy owner! And make sure you take care of your ‘best friend’!