What Causes Fear and Anxiety in Dogs?

Dogs do not like to be left alone; they are pack animals and like to have other animals or people to interact with. Not all dogs will develop separation anxiety, but some breeds have a genetic predisposition to fear and insecurity. Researching a breed’s temperament ensure you know what you might have to deal with.

Some dogs can develop separation anxiety if they are taken from their mothers at too early an age. It is best if the puppies stay with their mother at least eight or nine weeks. Dogs that have been abandoned and end up in animal shelters may also display symptoms of anxiety. These dogs may find it difficult to trust that you will not let them constantly that their former owners did.

Another cause could be the fault of the owner. If you are constantly away from your dog for long periods of time, and your dog is left alone, it is likely to develop separation problems. Dogs thrive on affection and attention from their human companions. Leaving them alone for long periods of time will lead to their being unhappy.

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Dogs can be trained on their fears and should never be allowed to dominate you or your household by you retains captive to their fears. The remedy is to find a qualified dog trainer to help you train on the way to work with your canine companion is hoping to eliminate their fear all together or at least minimize significantly. This will help you be more peaceful and better cope during the storm season and to help strengthen the bond between you and your favorite furry friend.

Sometimes, if the fear is beyond reproach you can ask your vet to prescribe your dog a mild sedative or find a herbal tincture that can help calm your little pal until the storms pass.