Pets Singing: Awesome Animals Singing for Humans

Pets bring a smile on the face of their near and dear. Cats, dogs, rabbits, mouse and even newts are nurtured as pets by many. The pet’s owner can decode and understand what his animal friend is telling him. There is a man seated in his studio who lip-syncs for these animals there by making them the singing talking animals. Andrew Grantham, the man behind pets singing has come to limelight with his talking animals you tube channel and Facebook account. He is an avid Video maker who uses the animal actions and comes up with his own intellectual and witty script. He has made many such music videos but the one that has created rage and sensation is the one in which animals sing the’12 days of Christmas’.

The Video in Making

Grantham when questioned as how he could get the pets singing, shared his modus operandi. Many animal lovers post the live action of their pets on YouTube. Grantham selects videos of those pets that are live and animated and whose action do not appear fake. In the 12 days of Christmas song one cannot miss the action of Jupiter the cat that seems to hold a pen and write on a piece of paper or Pico the parrot who attempts to sing a higher octave, Mango the glitter wrapped dog, Rory the cute ash color rabbit etc.

The animals in the video are chirpy and Grantham mouths verses of the song in perfection suiting these animal’s actions. To add to the fun element Grantham has included comic and witty verses that fits to perfection for the animal’s action. For example when one expects the rabbit to say 8 maids a milking it just shuns off and says no that’s not right, just in time to suit its action. Each frame is speaking volumes of Grantham’s experience in creating animal videos.

A video with more than 6 million views and still popular among animal lovers is the ’12 days of Christmas’ from talking animals channel. One gets to see their favorite pets singing the modified version of this Christmas carol in the most appreciative way. Each of the pet is unique and their actions are spontaneous. Grantham has managed to keep the viewers intrigued by adding comic capers that elate the mood of these animals. See cute kittens, fluffy pups, and mushy bunnies’ grove to the famous song and make us laugh out loud with their naughty antics.

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