A Tale of Vampire Squirrels and Zombie Dogs


I would like to make this post a public awareness notice. I saw the craziest thing the other day. I live in a pretty quiet suburban community and not a lot goes on here. Saw whenever I see police activity I pay attention. But this morning I saw the strangest thing, I saw two police cars parked down the block, and then I see my neighbor in her doorway, and then I notice the policemen standing across from her. Then I saw what was going on, there was this crazed dog with one of those animal control type leashes on it with the metal rod at the end. Both cops were trying to keep this deranged animal back as it was foaming at the mouth and lunging at them.

(More about where I grew up here)

Rabies is a serious business. I still remember what we learned about that illness in High School health class. It really is pretty insane. The Rabies Virus is a parasite that attaches to the host victim’s brain stem and then starts to exert more and more control over the host until it is pretty much completely controlling the nervous system making the animal (or person) lose all control and go completely beserk. You know foaming at the mouth and biting the whole nine yards. This disease is the closest thing to a Zombie out break I can think of. It really is some pretty scary stuff. And in the end the one inflicted with Rabies usually dies, it is a deadly disease.

Well, anyway, back to my story. They had this dog at the end of one of those metal leaches it and it was just going wild. It was standing up on its hind legs, foaming growling, the whole bit. Meanwhile the lady was screaming, “Please! Please! Don’t hurt my baby!” This was her pet dog! Somehow her own dog had contracted rabies. That is a sad situation. But what can anyone do? By then it was too late for it. The police understood that the animal would have to be contained, quarantined and then put to sleep before it infected someone else with the illness.

This kind of story goes to remind us why it is so important to get are pets vaccinated. Later on I learned from the distraught owner that she had been walking her dog one evening and of all things, right when her dog was relieving itself on a tree this deranged squirrel came out of nowhere jumped on her dog and bit it right on the neck. Real, crazy vampire squirrel stuff right there, but she said that is what happened. At first, although a scary thing to see, she thought it wasn’t a big deal, just a weird random instance. Her dog just shook the squirrel off, and it ran up the tree. After that she was startled but, shrugged it off and just took her dog home. It wasn’t until later that night when she laid down to sleep that she started to realize something wasn’t right, she heard a pitiful howl from her dog. She got up and went to the living room and saw the saddest thing, her dog was just rolling around on the floor moaning and groaning like in a trance. She sat up with it all night, then in the morning it started show the first signs of aggression, she didn’t know what to do so she pushed it out the door and called the cops!

Not the smartest thing since it could have bit someone else, but she was in an admitted panic and didn’t know what else to do to keep from getting bit herself. But the police showed up quick and got a good handle on the situation; subdued the animal and the rest is history. This is a wild tale around the Halloween season about vampire squirrels and zombie dogs but it is one with a great truth for any time of year. You need to get your pets vaccinated. Let this story be a reminder if you have not already, it is not worth the risk of losing your pet or having it hurt someone else. Remember prevention is the best medicine, and since Rabies has no cure once it has fully set in, it may be the only way to save your pets life.