What kind of dog is that?

I was reviewing a YouTube video today of the Dog Show of 2011. That really was an interesting year. I’m not sure why this was the case, but the big poofy dog was definitely in vogue that year. The first dog they trotted out there was the biggest poodle I had ever seen in my life! And it was exaggerated greatly by its haircut. I had the hair completely shaved off on the legs and then completely poofy and untouched on the feet. It had hair on its chest and torso area untouched, and a big poofy helmet like headdress. Me and my wife were both watching it and were almost scared to our death by what looked like a crazy space creature trotting around invading the dog show!

Besides the fright though, it was an interesting show. They had German Shepherds, they had Scottish Terrier’s and they had my personal favorite Shitzou’s. I love those Shitzou dogs. My grandma had one of those, that dog was funny and that kind of dog is so smart. He was funny because he acted just like a person. He had so many little quirks like a weird little human it was remarkable. One of the funny things about him was that he hated it when people sneezed. If you sneezed around him he would immediately tilt up his head make this weird expression that seemed like disgust showing his bottom teeth and then make a noise that sounded like a hmmph! I swear to God it was so funny, I loved that dog. His name was Joshua, he lived a real long time, until he was about 19 years old, pretty good for a dog. He really was a part of the family and we were all sad to see him go. Rest in peace my Shitzou friend.