Pets are said by some to be a man’s best friend, even after his wife! Man, that’s pretty close a pet can get to his owner, huh? Well you can’t blame the owner. With a pet in the house everything becomes calmer & at the same time noisier (depends on what pet you’re keeping) in the house. But some may wonder, what is the most popular animal that pet owners would most likely own in their houses. According to a survey done on America pet owners, it reveals that a dog is TRULY a man’s best friend!

Dogs – an oh-so wonderful pet that is so gull able, cute, and listens to his master’s commands when trained in a proper manner. We do so many things to our dogs for them to be able to be loved, trained and make them feel like they are a part of the family. But little do we realize that while we’re doing all of those things to make them feel at home, we sometimes suffocate them with our doings. Below are some examples which you can read & learn how you are making your dog feel uncomfortable with your behavior.

First of all, you need to register that your dog is an animal, not a human being. These two species are totally different. By differentiating these differences, only then we will know how to notice what you are doing wrong & fix it.

We always hear people telling us how they love having pets especially when they live alone because they know there’s always ‘someone’ to talk to when they go home after some long days of work. Let us stop you right there. Talk? Animals don’t understand talk! They understand body language. In fact, a dog will know your feelings better than your own sometimes. That is why they know even before you reaching your doorstep, if you are feeling frustrated or sad. You don’t have to talk to them, because they don’t understand & get frustrated. Just like us as human beings, when we don’t understand what another person is saying, we get irritated. Same theory – different species. You will realize as time goes by, your dog will understand you more when you use your gestures or body language to communicate with them.

Dogs also dislike going on walks with tight leashes tugged to their necks. It gives them the feeling that there is tension with us, their owners. As we mentioned above, we’re sure that you can gather that dogs can sense your feelings, even when you haven’t realized it yourself. Again, imaging yourself on the leash. If your owner creates tense around your neck even when nothing around you seems interesting or looks dangerous, you too, will feel tensed, for nothing. Same feeling with your dog. Keep the leash loose, and let your dog feel that everything is okay. This leads to calmer walks and also sends a positive vibe & energy to other surrounding dogs or animals.

Roughing up your dog is also a big no in the dog’s world. This includes teasing, poking, pretending to throw something like a ball but you don’t. All of these mistakes turn the dog into a frustrated one and might lead him turning into a less behaved dog. These common actions are often mistaken by pet owners as a way of playing with their dogs or teaching them how to have a ‘fun’ time. Wrong. Remember, differentiate. We humans might like those kinds of things, but not our pets. And this includes singing as well! So as a side note, this is a great post to read to train up your voice so your pets don’t have to suffer.

Now while some of us humans may love to laze at home like every day’s a lazy Sunday, dogs do not. This will only make the dog become more frustrated and restless. When this happens, they tend to take out their ‘boredom’ and restlessness on the things around them. If they are placed inside the house, you can say sayonara to that fluffy pillow or designer couch or your lacey curtains among others because the dog is going to rip those things apart and away from its original place. If the dog is placed outside, they you can say your goodbyes to your beautiful plants & your green lawn. Advice to avoiding these things happening? Take you dog out for a walk, like he deserves!

A happy dog makes a happy owner! And make sure you take care of your ‘best friend’!

Taking Pictures of Your Adorable Pets

taking pet pictures

Due to nature of urban life, many people live alone and have few close friends to help them relax after a hard day at work. A pet at home can be a source of entertainment and relaxation, the only companion a person will have. Even for families, children are very attached to their pet, especially cats and dogs.

However, the life span of a pet will be less compared to a human being, hence pet photography will help preserve memories of a pet for the life span of the owner. Depending on the photography skills of the pet owner, the pet can be photographed in house or a specialized photographer can be hired.

A photograph of the pet taken at different stages of the life of the photographer will also ensure that medical treatment of the pet can be properly provided. Many people are very attached to their pet, and if the pet will be missing , they will be upset.

Taking a photo of the pet will help to trace the pet easily, if it will be missing, posting the photo in the area where the pet was missing , online or for newspaper advertising. Without a photo tracing the missing pet will often be a difficult task, as most pet animals look very similar.

There are many advantages of hiring a professional photographer for taking photos of the pet. They have specialized photography equipment for taking the photo, especially close up photos (to learn how to take tricky photos with your pet, head on over to Though most people have inexpensive digital cameras with them, taking a photo of a pet will be more difficult compared to a human being, as the pet may keep moving.

The specialized equipment available will include camera stabilizers which will prevent blurry images from being formed. The photographer will usually charge his fees according to the time period for which he has been hired, and also the number of photographs he will be expected to take.

What Causes Fear and Anxiety in Dogs?

Dogs do not like to be left alone; they are pack animals and like to have other animals or people to interact with. Not all dogs will develop separation anxiety, but some breeds have a genetic predisposition to fear and insecurity. Researching a breed’s temperament ensure you know what you might have to deal with.

Some dogs can develop separation anxiety if they are taken from their mothers at too early an age. It is best if the puppies stay with their mother at least eight or nine weeks. Dogs that have been abandoned and end up in animal shelters may also display symptoms of anxiety. These dogs may find it difficult to trust that you will not let them constantly that their former owners did.

Another cause could be the fault of the owner. If you are constantly away from your dog for long periods of time, and your dog is left alone, it is likely to develop separation problems. Dogs thrive on affection and attention from their human companions. Leaving them alone for long periods of time will lead to their being unhappy.

This is quite similar to the anxiety that occurs with us humans. But in order to handle people rather than animals, you might want to take a look here, a course created by Barry McDonagh. But is the Panic Away program a scam?

Dogs can be trained on their fears and should never be allowed to dominate you or your household by you retains captive to their fears. The remedy is to find a qualified dog trainer to help you train on the way to work with your canine companion is hoping to eliminate their fear all together or at least minimize significantly. This will help you be more peaceful and better cope during the storm season and to help strengthen the bond between you and your favorite furry friend.

Sometimes, if the fear is beyond reproach you can ask your vet to prescribe your dog a mild sedative or find a herbal tincture that can help calm your little pal until the storms pass.

Why Chronic Disease is the Major Cause of Weight Loss in Dogs

dog obesity

In this article, we will look at weight loss and chronic disease in dogs. Anytime the weight of your dog exceeds ten percent the average body weight you need to worry. Many things such as chronic illnesses always cause weight loss in dogs. These severe diseases include conditions such as anorexia, intestinal worms, gastrointestinal obstructions, haemorrhaging, and hyperthyroidism among others.

There are numerous reasons a dog would lose weight drastically. And for this reason you need to take the dog to a veterinary that will diagnose it and find the underlying cause of weight reduction. Depending on what the veterinarian needs to examine they may recommend fecal studies to check for intestinal parasites, complete blood count for blood disorders or Hormone assays for endocrine disorders among other tests.

Nonetheless, before we consider the chronic diseases that might be causing the weight loss in a pet. There are other external factors such as an environment change, change in diet, stress levels, or even addition of new pets would also lead a significant loss of weight in a pet.

The new environment change would result in the pet to require more energy. For such a case, you need to increase the calorie intake in the food so that the dog can start gaining weight again. The best treatment for such external factors is to know what the cause it and correct the condition immediately. It includes giving the dog appetite stimulants so that the pet can increase in its food intake.

In conclusion, your dog needs close monitoring at all times. Monitoring should be a routine whether the pet is losing weight or not. Close monitoring will easily prevent a chronic disease from being unmanageable. An ordinary health check includes stool examination, fever, urine color, and eating habits among others. These are some of the preventive measures that will ensure your dog is healthy all the times.

Pets Singing: Awesome Animals Singing for Humans

Pets bring a smile on the face of their near and dear. Cats, dogs, rabbits, mouse and even newts are nurtured as pets by many. The pet’s owner can decode and understand what his animal friend is telling him. There is a man seated in his studio who lip-syncs for these animals there by making them the singing talking animals. Andrew Grantham, the man behind pets singing has come to limelight with his talking animals you tube channel and Facebook account. He is an avid Video maker who uses the animal actions and comes up with his own intellectual and witty script. He has made many such music videos but the one that has created rage and sensation is the one in which animals sing the’12 days of Christmas’.

The Video in Making

Grantham when questioned as how he could get the pets singing, shared his modus operandi. Many animal lovers post the live action of their pets on YouTube. Grantham selects videos of those pets that are live and animated and whose action do not appear fake. In the 12 days of Christmas song one cannot miss the action of Jupiter the cat that seems to hold a pen and write on a piece of paper or Pico the parrot who attempts to sing a higher octave, Mango the glitter wrapped dog, Rory the cute ash color rabbit etc.

The animals in the video are chirpy and Grantham mouths verses of the song in perfection suiting these animal’s actions. To add to the fun element Grantham has included comic and witty verses that fits to perfection for the animal’s action. For example when one expects the rabbit to say 8 maids a milking it just shuns off and says no that’s not right, just in time to suit its action. Each frame is speaking volumes of Grantham’s experience in creating animal videos.

A video with more than 6 million views and still popular among animal lovers is the ’12 days of Christmas’ from talking animals channel. One gets to see their favorite pets singing the modified version of this Christmas carol in the most appreciative way. Each of the pet is unique and their actions are spontaneous. Grantham has managed to keep the viewers intrigued by adding comic capers that elate the mood of these animals. See cute kittens, fluffy pups, and mushy bunnies’ grove to the famous song and make us laugh out loud with their naughty antics.

But if you like to work on your actual human voice and improve your singing ability, checkout this Superior Singing Method results to see for yourself. It is one of the best courses out there to date. Cheers!

A Tale of Vampire Squirrels and Zombie Dogs


I would like to make this post a public awareness notice. I saw the craziest thing the other day. I live in a pretty quiet suburban community and not a lot goes on here. Saw whenever I see police activity I pay attention. But this morning I saw the strangest thing, I saw two police cars parked down the block, and then I see my neighbor in her doorway, and then I notice the policemen standing across from her. Then I saw what was going on, there was this crazed dog with one of those animal control type leashes on it with the metal rod at the end. Both cops were trying to keep this deranged animal back as it was foaming at the mouth and lunging at them.

(More about where I grew up here)

Rabies is a serious business. I still remember what we learned about that illness in High School health class. It really is pretty insane. The Rabies Virus is a parasite that attaches to the host victim’s brain stem and then starts to exert more and more control over the host until it is pretty much completely controlling the nervous system making the animal (or person) lose all control and go completely beserk. You know foaming at the mouth and biting the whole nine yards. This disease is the closest thing to a Zombie out break I can think of. It really is some pretty scary stuff. And in the end the one inflicted with Rabies usually dies, it is a deadly disease.

Well, anyway, back to my story. They had this dog at the end of one of those metal leaches it and it was just going wild. It was standing up on its hind legs, foaming growling, the whole bit. Meanwhile the lady was screaming, “Please! Please! Don’t hurt my baby!” This was her pet dog! Somehow her own dog had contracted rabies. That is a sad situation. But what can anyone do? By then it was too late for it. The police understood that the animal would have to be contained, quarantined and then put to sleep before it infected someone else with the illness.

This kind of story goes to remind us why it is so important to get are pets vaccinated. Later on I learned from the distraught owner that she had been walking her dog one evening and of all things, right when her dog was relieving itself on a tree this deranged squirrel came out of nowhere jumped on her dog and bit it right on the neck. Real, crazy vampire squirrel stuff right there, but she said that is what happened. At first, although a scary thing to see, she thought it wasn’t a big deal, just a weird random instance. Her dog just shook the squirrel off, and it ran up the tree. After that she was startled but, shrugged it off and just took her dog home. It wasn’t until later that night when she laid down to sleep that she started to realize something wasn’t right, she heard a pitiful howl from her dog. She got up and went to the living room and saw the saddest thing, her dog was just rolling around on the floor moaning and groaning like in a trance. She sat up with it all night, then in the morning it started show the first signs of aggression, she didn’t know what to do so she pushed it out the door and called the cops!

Not the smartest thing since it could have bit someone else, but she was in an admitted panic and didn’t know what else to do to keep from getting bit herself. But the police showed up quick and got a good handle on the situation; subdued the animal and the rest is history. This is a wild tale around the Halloween season about vampire squirrels and zombie dogs but it is one with a great truth for any time of year. You need to get your pets vaccinated. Let this story be a reminder if you have not already, it is not worth the risk of losing your pet or having it hurt someone else. Remember prevention is the best medicine, and since Rabies has no cure once it has fully set in, it may be the only way to save your pets life.

What kind of dog is that?

I was reviewing a YouTube video today of the Dog Show of 2011. That really was an interesting year. I’m not sure why this was the case, but the big poofy dog was definitely in vogue that year. The first dog they trotted out there was the biggest poodle I had ever seen in my life! And it was exaggerated greatly by its haircut. I had the hair completely shaved off on the legs and then completely poofy and untouched on the feet. It had hair on its chest and torso area untouched, and a big poofy helmet like headdress. Me and my wife were both watching it and were almost scared to our death by what looked like a crazy space creature trotting around invading the dog show!

Besides the fright though, it was an interesting show. They had German Shepherds, they had Scottish Terrier’s and they had my personal favorite Shitzou’s. I love those Shitzou dogs. My grandma had one of those, that dog was funny and that kind of dog is so smart. He was funny because he acted just like a person. He had so many little quirks like a weird little human it was remarkable. One of the funny things about him was that he hated it when people sneezed. If you sneezed around him he would immediately tilt up his head make this weird expression that seemed like disgust showing his bottom teeth and then make a noise that sounded like a hmmph! I swear to God it was so funny, I loved that dog. His name was Joshua, he lived a real long time, until he was about 19 years old, pretty good for a dog. He really was a part of the family and we were all sad to see him go. Rest in peace my Shitzou friend.

Man’s Best Cure for PTSD

Pets have been best friends oh human kind for thousands of years. They have been our companions, confidants, and assistants. Animals have helped us in a wide variety of ways. One example of this that I have looked at in quite a state of wonder is, how one special companion has been of tremendous use in assisting my Brother. My Brother is an Iraq war veteran. He came back from the war pretty shook up and was shortly afterwards diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Since his return he has had his ups and downs. Some days he is good but then an unexpected sight or sound could trigger him and cause him to flash back to his time in Iraq.

I remember being around in him a couple of years ago on Independence Day, this is of course, a time when people in the United States celebrate their struggle for independence from Great Britain, and on this holiday Americans shoot fireworks into the air. Typical, normal festivity, but my brother was still recovering from all the loud sound he had to hear in Iraq. And when that first firework went off, in an instant he was on automatic, and immediately ducked down on the ground and started yelling at the rest of us, “get down! “get down!” He snapped out of it pretty quick and was immediately embarrassed and he was just as surprised it had happened as the rest of us.

He was having some trouble adjusting after he came back, with feelings he left in the war resurfacing like this. Then shortly after this happened he surprised all of us and got a dog. This was surprising because he had never expressed much of an interest in pets. But soon we saw him with this dog almost all of the time. He would drive up in his truck and there in the passenger seat was his dog Hazy. Then one day, I asked him what made him get Hazy, and he told me that he talked to a counselor at the VA and they told him how beneficial a dog could be to a veteran.

Apparently dogs were being used to help veterans cope with PTSD, these dogs were very good at sensing anxiety and knew how to approach the veteran at just the right time to console and calm him down enough to avoid having a problem. As my Brother told me, “When I start drifting off, having flashback type moments, Hazy is right on it, she comes right up and snaps me out of it!” “I don’t know what I would do now without Haze!” And he has had her around ever since with remarkable improvement of his PTSD symptoms.

This is precisely why the VA has undertaken this program with the dogs to help treat PTSD. They already have a proven track record of benefit, so much so that veterans with the diagnosis of PTSD are allowed to bring their assisting dogs with them into public establishments such as restaurants. They are now considered worker dogs just like Seeing Eye dogs for the blind. So it is law now that these aiding animals be allowed to help veterans like my brother wherever they go, and I think that is an excellent piece of legislation.

Giving Your Pet The Dream Environment It Deserves!